service led amber

Hi I have just set up a WR11 with a single SIM and I have noticed that the ‘Service LED’ is not working as described in the manual. Link to LED info

Instead of blinking to reflect the network mode it is just lit solid amber. The other two LED’s work as documented. The unit is fully operational in all other respects and successful connects to the mobile network and passes traffic etc.

The device is running
FW Version: (Jun 5 2015 04:36:56)

This looks to be a bug. Recommend you keep an eye out for a fix in upcoming firmware releases.

Actually, you might try defaulting and/or re-flashing the unit with FlashWriter to see if the issue goes away. Otherwise you might just have a defective LED, in which case, you will want to contact Digi for an RMA.

Thanks for the replies, oddly enough this persisted through a firmware update and reload however it has since resolved its self and doesn’t seem to have reoccoured. Root cause still remains unknown.