WR11XT No Service LED

I have a WR11XT that is not getting service. I have a second unit, that works fine, so I know it is not the SIM. I have updated firmware to most recent on both units. Signal LED is green, but no Service LED. Any thoughts?

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Can you post the output of the following command?

‘modemstat ?’

Hello! Seem to have the same issue here, below is output from modemstat ?.

I have also tested the SIM to ensure the issue doesn’t lie there.

Outcome: Got modem status OK:
Time: 25 Jan 2018 17:15:56
SIM status: Ready (PIN checking disabled)
Signal strength: -71 dBm
Radio technology: LTE
Signal quality (LTE): RSSI -71 dBm, RSRP -104 dBm, RSRQ -16 dB, SINR -8.0 dB
Radio band: E-UTRA Operating Band 20
Channel: 6200
Model: LE910-EUG
IMEI: 359852050047868
IMSI: 240020005593629
MDN: Not provisioned
ICCID: 8946071106130036802
Firmware: 17.00.523 1 [July 14 2014 23:00:00] Hardware version: 20004
GPRS Attachment Status: Attached
GPRS Registration: Registered, home network tac:044E ci:0A517316
Preferred system: Auto
Temperature: 41C OK

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I would suggest to get in touch with our Support team directly at tech.support@digi.com to troubleshoot this issue further.
Please make sure to attach a debug.txt to your email: http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/QN_024_Extracting%20the%20debug.txt%20file%20from%20a%20Digi%20TransPort%20or%20Sarian%20router.pdf

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