My WR11 cellular interface does not work

The LED service of my new WR11 is off.
Bellow you can see the output of the modemstat command.

Command: modemstat ?
Command result
Outcome: Got modem status OK:
Time: 21 Aug 2016 07:28:46
SIM status: Not Ready
Signal strength: Not known or detectable
Radio technology: ERROR
Manufacturer: Telit
Model: HE910-D
Firmware: 12.00.023
IMEI: 351579052104401
Phone number: ERROR
GPRS Attachment Status: ERROR
GPRS Registration: Not registered, not searching
GSM Registration: Not registered, not searching
Diversity: Disabled
Preferred system: Auto
Network Technology: ERROR
Connection Status: Normal, unspecified
Temperature: 53C

Thank you for your attention

You have a problem with the SIM: “SIM status: Not Ready”

I suspect it is not installed correctly as you can put them in any direction.

Make sure they look like the picture in the quickstart guide:

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Hello Nicholas.
You are right, the sim card was installed in a wrong way (I used the middle size of the sim card instead of the “large” size).
I have installed the sim card correctly (using the “large” size) and now the cellular interface is working fine.
Thank you very much for your great help.
Kind Regards.