How do I communicate with a serial device connected to the WR31 over the internet?


I have a WR31 that I am connecting a sensor that has a serial connection. I need to establish 2 way communication with the sensor over the internet through the WR31’s serial port. The WR31 is connected to the cellular network and has a fixed IP.

I usually interact with the sensor through a terminal program (such as old HyperTerminal) sending simple ASCII commands. Is there a way I can do this somehow through a connection to the WR31’s serial port remotely?

Ideally, I would also like to come up with some Python program that runs on the WR31 and collects the data from the sensor, but that is likely too difficult for me…

Thanks for any help you can provide,

have you got the cabling from the WR31 to the sensor correct
have you configured the settings of the serial / asy port
(Baud, flow control)

next you can open a local tcp connection to the router over the LAN IP port 4000 this should open a connection to the asy port

if that works you should be able to connect over the WAN ip address of the router on the same port.

if that works you then should think about locking down who can access this with the firewall or a ssh server that can have more secure connection