Sending data from a serial port over TCP WR31

I have a DIGI Wr31 attached to a fire alarm panel using an RS232 port. I have a laptop running putty connected to the WR31 over TCP. I’m wondering how to have the data from the fire alarm panel be transmitted over TCP to the laptop running putty. I have the port and ASY linked together and I can successfully connect. Its just that the data isnt being transmitted from the WR31.


If the cable is correct between the router and panel and the serial interface is configured correctly (Speed / Duplex) then you should be able to telnet into the router on its local LAN IP and using port 4000 you should have access to the panel.

another way would be to enable real port on the router and install the realport driver on the PC you then should be able to open putty to the virtual comm port created by realport linking to asy 0 / serial 0 on the router

Just wondering, would the fact that the panel and the router are connected with a female-female converter change anything? Both ends of the cable are female so there is a converter between them.