How to install Realport driver manually?

We have some Digi ConnectME devices with the Plug-n-Play firmware configured with the serial port set to use RealPort (also trying the customer Net-OS Realport library) and have verified that it works when installing on the local network. The problem is we want to have customers install these remotely and want to be able to manually install a new Realport driver instance (add new hardware) and manually type in the ip address. I have done this successfully and it works and sees the device BUT it seems to be missing a step since it always shows the Standard Digi RealPort device as having 0 Ports and I cannot configure the serial port because it does not install one. I cannot use the “Browse” button to have it query the device because it only shows what it finds on the local network. The only way around this problem I have found is I have tracked the number of ports down to a registry variable and can manually change that to 1 and then go back in and assign the serial port stuff and everything works. I cannot do this on the laptop we want to use this on because the account we need to always be logged into is does not allow regedit to be run. Is there a better way to do this? The setup program cannot be used because it only seems to want to show locally discovered Realport devices.



Is this related to RealPort for Windows? Or some other OS (if so, which)?