Newbie Digi Connect ME setup question

I have a digi connect module and nothing else no kit (as of yet).

I want to be a be to use the firmware demo OS supplied by digi and upload it to my module. I have downloaded the driver from the digi site.

so far I cant do anything with the module even give it an IP address. My questions are as follows

1, Can I upload an IP address and the firmware through the ethernet port or do i have to connect up the serial port.

2, the realport driver I have has a number of options, store IP, Erase IP, Upload firmware when I select any of these it wants me to put the MAC address in however the first 3 bytes of the address are preset (greyed out) in the s/w and the first 3 bytes of my digi connect MAC address are different?

Can someone give me some step by steps/how tos… here?

Your help is much appreciated.


Hello Niel,

You should be able to detect the Connect ME using the Digi Port Authority Remote software. You will also be able to assign an IP using this software.

Available here:


One more thing,
The driver you have sounds more like the “DgIPServ” utility. This will not work with the Connect ME.

You should use the RealPort driver located here: