Is there a "First Steps" for Digi Connect ME / WiME?


i have a Digi Connect ME (and also Wi-ME) physical up and running. I can access the configuration menu from RS232 side and can do FTP (but FTP is empty).

I want to forward all incoming serial data to LAN side and vice versa. Do i need to load some programm to do this ? If yes, how do i load a programm ? Just FTP it to the module ? Where to get example sources for this, so that i don’t need to start at 0 ?

I found a program called “RealPort”, which has installed a COM-Port in my computer and tries to connect to port 771. What do i need to do exactly that the module is doing something on this port ?


 Martin Maurer

It sounds like you have a couple of -C modules. To program them with a custom application you must purchase a NET+OS Jump Start Kit. Also, the Realport drivers currently only work for the -S modules, but with NET+OS 7.2, you will be able to start using it with a created NET+OS image.