accessing my Connect-me data

Hi, this is the first time usage of the Digi Connect-me device. so please bare with me.

I have an embedded ARM system with the connect-me attached to one of the serial ports, the ARM system collects data from various sensors and stores it in flash, this data is required remotely through the internet, is this possible?

the ARM can setup the connect-me device through the serial port OK, and currently uses the email functionality of the device.

the connect-me is connected to a Netgear ADSL wifi router(DG834G) via cat5. the router has assigned an IP address of to the connect-me, and i can access the device from any PC on the internal intranet.

can someone please advise me how to connect to the device from the outside world.

and how is it possible for the ARM system to send data to an external remote PC, say via RealPort.

thanks for any help

Based on your post I am unable to determine if you are working with a Connect ME development or integration kit here, would you please clarify?

Seeing as you mention RealPort I am going to assume, for the moment, that you have an Integration kit module (e.g. -S). The RealPort software is used to provide a native COM/TTY interface to the serial port of a networked Digi device, from a Windows/*NIX system. The Connect ME module, in this case would be a ‘server’, thus would not initiate the connection.

Based on your port here I get the impression that you wish for this module to deliver its data payload to a remote system, in particular a system somewhere on the Internet. In this case would not setting up the ME for a TCP client profile work? In this scenario you assign a destination address and socket number to the profile, all data received on the port will be sent to the specified server.


thanks for your quick reply Cameron

i have the Digi Connect-ME dev kit. which i am not using presently, my embedded system comprises an ARM processor with RS485, nRF905 FM wireless link to sensors, serial printer, 4 meg flash memory and other external peripherals, including the Connect-ME module.

the system collects data from the sensors and stores it in flash memory, this data is required by a remote PC, NOT in the same building, therefore requires the internet.

the idea of the RealPort was not intended as a prefered method of data transfer and has therefore confused the scenario i think.

i dont know if the TCP client would work, this is why i am here asking, i will try this solution you have suggested, thanks, please bare in mind i am relatively new to the connect-me device.



Did you get this to work?