Receiving Data Packets (ME)

I am mostly a novice with the Digi Connect ME, and am trying to familiarize myself with the device. My ultimate goal will be to transfer data from a serial device, through the Digi Connect, then over directly to my laptop. Since I do not have the serial device yet, I have connected the serial port on the Digi Connect to the serial port on my laptop, forming a loop. Using the hyperterminal, I have confirmed the DigiConnect is receiving keystrokes and storing them in the buffer. However, I cannot get the Digi Connect to send that data through the network cable. I am using a packet sniffer to check all packet information over the network, but the only traffic is between my laptop and the telnet session on the card. Any help would be appreciated.

Can I assume that you are working with one of our -S modules, running Digi’s plug and play firmware?

Asusming this is the case, you will likely want to have the serial port’s profile configured for TCP Sockets and further configure the profile to be either a TCP server or client (depending on your desired behavior).

He is a quick and dirty setup you can use to obtain some confirmation that something is working.

  1. Configure the serial profile for TCP Sockets. By default the Telnet port will be set for 2100, Raw 2101 and SSL 2601.
  2. Configure the serial port’s basic setting, i.e. baud rate, data bits, etc., appropriately.
  3. Use telnet and connect to the ME, using port 2100.
  4. Connect your terminal emulation package o serial port 1, of the provided development board. Setting up the package’s serial setting to match those of the Connect ME.
  5. At this point you should be able to send data (e.g. key strokes) from one application to the other, and vise-versa.

It should certainly be that simple.


ok, so after playing with some of the settings I was able to get some life out of the DigiConnectME (DCME). After I set the DCME profile to tcp_sockets and rebooted, I noticed the device now sends ~20 packets/second to the ip address and ip port designated in autoconnect. I have no other connections open to the DCME (including serial). Do you know what this overhead traffic is? I noticed that as soon as I open a serial connection, the traffic stops. Which is kind of the opposite of what I was hoping for. Any help would be appreiciated. I’d like the connection to persist through telnet sessions.

Also on another note, is it possible to establish a connection with a serial device without logging into the DCME? I noticed that when I log into the DCME and type in “connect 1”, the RTS signal goes high, but then low when I close the telnet session.