DigiConnectME as TCP Server

I have purchased DigiConnectME module only. It comes with no software. I need help in understanding TCP server configuration and use. Earlier I used DigiConnectME module as UDP client in which I configure device to send data when ‘#’ as delimiter is received through serial port of ME. Now I want two way communication with device and decided to configure ME as TCP server. I am presuming following things, please let me know if anything is wrong:

After confiuring ME as TCP server, server starts running and whenever ME receive any communication from client it send received data to attached device through serial port. After analysing received data, the device communicate response to DigiConnectME back through serial port to be send back to client as TCP packet. In this way I can manage two way communication. I don’t want any programming on DigiConnectME side and want to cionfigure it only and communicate through serial port.
Please let me know is the above system works…

After configuring DigiConnectME as TCP Server I have written Client application in Java to run on PC. I want client to first send a request with some information from server and after sending requested data, server should close connection with client. I am unable to find any option to close connection on server side for a particular client. Can a connection close in Java by client close opened server port also? Please help me by suggesting proper method of it.

Waiting for your valuable feedbacks.

Sunil Jha

The Connect ME is meant for sending and recieving serial data out to an ethernet connection, so your setup should work just fine.

And the short answer would be that when you issue a close() on the socket connection from the client side, it will close the server side of the socket, when the server side is ready to close.