Digi Connect ME/WiME as client-only device

Hello Everyone,

Is it possible to connect Digi Connect ME/Wi-ME as a client only device? I have written a TCP server code in C# which will run on PC. The Idea is Digi Connect module should initiate a TCP socket connection to the server(PC) which is always listening for client request.

How can I use the Digi Connect module to open a socket connection and connect to the destination server IP/Port?

Please provide me some reference.
Waiting for your valuable relpies.



Please review the Digi Connect User’s Guide. This document contains a section dedicated to the configuration of the ME/WI-ME as a TCP client and/or server.



NetOS supports standard socket functions. Do a opensocket() and connect().


Thank you Cameron for your prompt reply, but unfortunately am not able to download the file 90000565_E.pdf. I get an error saying “The file may be corrupt”. While the other files are download-able except this. :frowning:

Any other alternative. Or may be you can send it directly to my mailbox sanjay@iflect.net or sanjaywakhare@hotmail.com