Problems connecting the ME with a device..

Hi! I have a device connected to the digi development kit.
Until now I have achieved that it works properly with our aplication software using the realport, but now we want to connect with our device directly (without the real port), using a winsock programmed in visual basic.

So I have defined the digi as a raw TCP server on port 2101 and I connect easily but it doesn’t work correctly:

-When I send a control order to our device nothing happends until I close the connection. (It seems like only when I close the connection the Digi sends the data to the device)

-Although I close the connection in the winsock program (client), the Digi remains connected and I have to disconnect it from its management web page

Should we do something to properly connect the digi with the device connected in Port1? Because when we connect the windows’ hyperterminal to port1 (instead of our device) it works and we can see what we send…

I think that we connect with the Digi but something extrange happends between Digi and the device. (The device is waiting for a control order to syncronice and send some data)

Any idea? : )


(I send two traces and the digi configuration file)

Are you using the Integration Kit? I think with RealPort you probably are. There are sample applications that show how to use sockets from C# and C++ to connect to the ME running as TCP server. Have you found the online documentation and sample code for that?