TCP Multiple connection

Hi, i have i simple question,
I have 1 module Digi ME.
I would like to configure the module in this way:
The first client connected to tcp ip port 2001 on serial 1
in the same time the second client connect to the port 2002 on serial 2
Is it possible only chanchinh the configuration.
From the manual i understand that is possible on UDP but not in TCP. Is it correct.
Some suggestion?
Sorry fore my poor english.
Thank you very much

ConnectME only have one serial port (the JTAG modules have two, but they are not meant for production). To get a second port on an ME, you’d have to bit bang it out of the GPIO lines, which would be slow and completely custom code requiring a -C module, not from the -S standard module.

Thank you very much for you answer.
So, if i have 2 serial port, i can use 2 digi me, with, of course 2 TCP/IP address different, or you have a different suggestion?
Thank you

If you are willing to do development, and your data rate is low (9600 should be fine, faster might work), you could do the bit bang port fairly easily. Reading would be via input capture, writing with a timer interrupt. Otherwise, maybe look at a different module. For instance, the Connect EM has two serial ports.

Thank you very much for the attention, i case of needs i will contact you later. Thank you