Simultaneous TCP and UDP Connection?

I am trying to establish two connections to a Digi Connect ME server, one as TCP and the other as UDP at the same time.

They each work separately, but when connected at the same time the TCP always overrides (disables) the UDP.

Is it possible to do?


I guess this is about an -S device? pluh and play?
I have a device with firmware
2.8.2 (Version 82001116_K 09/16/2008)
which works for me.

Consider upgrading your firmware.

Yes it is the -s but with firmware (Version 82000856_F6 07/21/2006)

You can try upgrading firmware. Or check with Digi support.

http://{DEVICE_IP}/config/network/network_services_config.htm and you can see that multiple TCP & UDP services can be enabled …

Thanks bobthomas13, but upgrading the firmware is not an option for us since unfortunately, we have many products in the field and this would require training many users on how to perform the upgrade. I suspect this would also cause a factory reset, and so we would also have to explain how to re-enable RCI, which cannot be done from the serial side.

The Settings in the link you showed are for specific services build into the firmware. What I am trying to do is use custom port numbers to connect two simultaneous connections and then transparently send and receive data through the serial port.