Where can I find documentation for tcp/udp communications with Connect SP

I need to be able to open up a TCP connection to a Digi Connect SP and send/receive serial data to the serial device as well as get/set line status information. So far all I’ve found is documents saying it’s possible but no details on the protocol.


You refer to a Connect SP, but which operating system. Are you using “plug-and-play” or NET+OS (or something else)? Also what version of the OS?

What would the OS matter? I’m talking about opening up a TCP port to the connect SP to send/receive serial data. Are you saying that’s different depending on the in the Digi?

I’m expecting the device today so I don’t have it in my hands yet.

I’ve got a Digi Connect SP MEI 16 MB
PN: (1P) 50001340-19

There are two models a 50001340-19 -C and a 50001340-19 -S. The -C has NET+OS in it and it is made such that a developer writes firmware to run it in. The -S version is the “plug and play” version and is a lot less configurable. So the OS does matter.

So if it is a -C (NET+OS) version, then in the IDE (called ESP) there is a sample application called TCP-Serial Tunnel Application. This sample application would give you guidance towards what you want to do. If it is -S I am less familiar with adding functionality to it.

I’m not trying to add any functionality to the digi. I simply want to open up a TCP port from my application to the digi and communicate with the Serial device connected to the DIGI serial port. One of our hardware guys had a talk somone at Digi and I believe I have the information I need now.

I’m still wondering where the documentation is for features listed in the section ‘Serial data communications over TCP and UDP’ from the manual. That section talks about all sorts of features without providing any specifics. Documentation for ‘udpserial’ might be handy.

My device doesn’t seem to have -C or -S, there is an A waay to the right of the model number on the sticker on the back.