Digi One SP

Hi. I send serial data thru a Digi One, but need to send it to two destinations. However, one of the destinations only use tcp, whilst the other will use either tcp or udp. My knowledge of this is very limited - can anyone tell me if the digi one can be configured to send via tcp to two destinations, or even one via tcp and the other via udp? Alternatively, is there another similar Digi product that will do what I need?
Many thanks

You can configure your Digi One SP serial port as a TCP Client or UDP Client, but not both at the same time.

I don’t know of any of our products which could do this through only configuration. What might work would be to get a 2-port unit, and have your serial device send the same data to both ports. You’d then config port 1 as a TCP Client, and port 2 as a UDP client, so the data would get sent to both locations simultaneously. Its kind of a hack, but it might work (no guarantee).

Ok, many thanks for your help!