Digione SP and multiple destination IP Address

Hi All,
a small question about a task that I have to perform: I have a Digi One SP connected to a serial device. Is it possible to send the serial strings to 2 different IP addresses?

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If you used this in UDP Sockets mode it would be possible. TCP Sockets is 1-to-1.

Thanks for the reply.
So do you mean that I have to configure it with UDP sockets and insert a UDP multicast address?


Check the WebUI of the Digi One SP under Configuration > Serial Ports > Port 1.

If you set the port profile as UDP Sockets, under the UDP Client section you can configure your multiple destinations.

Ok thanks for the reply.
I configured the UDP multicast and everything is working fine.

The only problem now is how to get the UDP data into my Vista PC. Do I need to install some specific driver on my computer to get the string from the device via UDP protocol (a driver like Digione Realport)?

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