PC via serial port

I have recently bought the DigiConnect Wi-Me and since I couldn’t afford to buy the development kit.
I have built myself a PCB which contains the device and a serial port(with the necessary power supply and a Max3245 for TTL signals).The Digi Wi-Me and a Wireless Usb Adapter intercommunicated and I’m in a position to configurate the device.
I would now like to transmit data and program the device from the PC via serial port.

Could anyone help me?

Thanks and regards



Without a Development Kit, it will be profoundly difficult to build an application to place on the device. It will more difficult to recover a unit that has a malfunctioning or crashing application on it. The device is not designed to be programmed via the serial port. You should review your intended use of this product to determine if this is indeed the correct product for that application.



You state that you did not purchase the development kit. Are you truly referring to our NET+OS Development Kit or our Digi Connect Integration kit? Are you expecting to use Digi’s ‘plug and play’ firmware or are you going to be writing your own embedded application?

My suspicion is that you are actually referring to our Integration kit, as without our development kit and associated tools it would be a bit difficult to write and/or debug your own embedded application.

Could you please provide the part number of the Connect Wi-ME module that you are working with?

Under the assumption that you are working with an Integration kit module, you can obtain much of the necessary documentation from our support site: http://www.digi.com/support/productdetl.jsp?pid=2469&osvid=0&s=54&tp=3, i.e. User’s Guide, Command Reference, etc.


So, if I understand correctly, the programming of the device is too difficult without the DevKit. But is it possible to configure and Tx data without the Dev Kit? If it is possible, can you point me to the right documentation to do it?

Thank you in advance.