Programming DigiConnectME

I am newbie to DigiConnectME and Netsilicon products though I have experience in working with other microcontrollers. After reading so many postings about programming DigiConnectME module according to our need, I am curious to know what hardware and software tools are required to program ConnectME module. Right now I have only DigiConnectME Module with me without any hardware/software. From where I will get software needed to do all kind of programming in ME. Also need examples and tutorials on it. I appreciate if anyone can guide me step by step to explore programming in ConnectME.

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Sunil Jha

From what I have heard there are two possibilities for you:

  1. Digi sells NetOS (make sure you get version 6 or higher). It works, but there sure are a lot of bugs and there is a learning curve since it is a new OS. You can find this on their website. It is sold under the NetSilicon name.

If all you are trying to do is have TCP communication, it should be fairly simple to implement. (A week to learn it, and a day or two to program it.)

  1. There is a version of Linux for it called MicroLinux (uLinux). I have heard good things about this, but haven’t used it myself. You can find info on this on the web.

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Hello Sunil Jha,

Hardware wise, initially you should get the Integration/Customization kit. This will include an Integration board to mount the product on. So you can power it up, and plug it into the network. As well as a CD with documentation to get started with the Plug-N-Play features.

If you are looking to program the Connect ME with an application specific to your requirements, you will need to get the Development kit. This will have the NET+OS build environment as well as wealth of documentation on the available APIs, and a number of example applications. You can see some of these sample application on the NetSilicon support site:

I hope that this was helpful.


Thanks Erik,
It means to program my DigiConnectME I have to invest more for getting development tools (Hardware + Software) from Digi. What hardware tools are required? Is there no means to program it with open source hardware & softwares available. I have read something about GCC development environment. What is that?


Digi sells an SDK for the ConnectME. It includes a PC board, one ConnectME with JTAG interface, a Macraigor Raven JTAG debug tool, GCC on cygwin (for Windows), libraries, source code, example applications and some documentation. It is basically a plug and play development kit. There are a few missing pieces, but this is a relatively new product, so that should be rectified in the not too distant future. Their support staff has been very good in answering questions about those missing pieces. I am about 80% done with development of a new product line with it. We are also considering offering the WiME as an option.