Getting started with a Digi Connect ME 9210

I have an embedded product with a Digi Connect 9210 ME device on it. I didn’t design the hardware, but need to develop the software.

I’ve been trying to understand the device. Various pdf manuals all suggest it should be doing far more than it currently does.

What I can get to work is the Telnet connection - output is:
Welcome to Digi’s Command Line Interface v1.0
login: root
Password: ********

#> ?

? help quit settrace showtrace histtrace ifconfig netstat threads mac nvread
dm wm mallocstat testmalloc testfree reset version

#> version
NET+OS Version 7.4
Copyright (c) 1997-2007, Digi International, Inc.
PLATFORM: connectme9210 (Built: Sep 19 2008 12:23:35)
APPLICATION: Ram-based FTP Server Application (Built Sep 19 2008 14:38:08)
with GCC 4.2 (4.2.0 Microcross GNU X-Tools™)

Also the serial link works, output:
NET+OS Version 7.4
Copyright (c) 199Got peripherals alive
7-2008, Digi InternaGraphics:ALIVE OK
tional, Inc.

PLATFORM: connectme9210 2M/8M [Sep 19 2008 12:23:35]
APPLICATION: Ram-based FTP Server Application [Sep 19 2008 14:38:08]

The board will obtain IP configuration parameters from the network.
Serial channels will use a baud rate of 9600
This board’s serial number is N99999999
This board’s Ethernet MAC Address is 00:40:9D:57:2E:44
After board is reset, start-up code will wait 5 seconds
Default duplex setting for Ethernet connection: default

Press any key in 5 seconds to change these settings.

IAM:Got AUTO-CONFIGURED IPv6 address FE80::240:9DFF:FE57:2E44 on interface eth0:3
IAM:Got DHCP IPv4 address on interface eth0
Network IP configured.
IAM:Got AUTOIP IPv4 address on interface eth0:0
CLI Started.
FTP download server is ready.

I’ve tried using the Digi Device Discovery, which doesn’t discover it. I’ve tried the Digi Device Setup Wizard, which also doesn’t discover it. Manuals suggest there’s an HTTP interface, which isn’t there. Other posts on this forum talk about upgrading the default application, so I’ve tried to FTP the POST image off the product page, which fails to upload (Invalid signature in the header!! is output on the serial connection). The Digi Connect® Family Command Reference has a huge list of commands that don’t seem to be supported on the Telnet or Serial interfaces. The Digi Connect® Family and ConnectPort® TS Family User’s Guide contains more that doesn’t seem to refer to this device.

Where on earth do I go from here? Am I missing something fundamental - and if so, any idea what? ~And is there some sort of manual that I should be reading to start with?

Assuming you have the -C model of your device (as opposed to the -S model), then the only things the device ships with, by default are an FTP server and a telnet server. It does little else. The presumption with the -C variant (NET+OS based) is that you are going to develop application to run on the module that will add additional capabilities, such as a web server.

The IDE, entitled Digi ESP, contains a number of sample applications that allow you to get your feet wet in developing applications.

That said, if you were looking for a module that already had a lot to these capabilities, then you might have the wrong variant of the module. Digi’s -S variant (Plug-N-Play) does not allow you to configure the system the way the -C variant does. It all depends on what your final application.device is supposed to do and how much actual development you expect to perform.

The Digi Connect® Family and ConnectPort® TS Family User’s Guide is only for the PlugNPlay modules, they have a part# with the -s at the end. Looks like you might have the configurable Netos module which has the part# with -c at the end.
If you do you can find the manual using your DigiESP program which runs on windows. You need to install the cd with the label NET+OS, once you’ve install it you can go to the Help menu where you can find all the tutorials, you can start with the Getting Started with Digi ESP for NET+OS.

Thanks for that. I don’t have any CD - just the device itself attached to our hardware. It wasn’t supplied with a CD, just as the hardware part. Are the CDs available for download anywhere?

That sounds possible. I’m not in the office at the moment but will check the part number first thing tomorrow. Is it obvious to find on the device?

Your unit should’ve came with a CD as a kit and with a debugger to load the programs into the module. You can also use ftp to load your programs. Check Digi’s product page to see how much they charge for the latest NET+OS 7.5.2 CD

The part# is right on the top of the module, it will have your module name Digi Connect 9210 ME -C JTAG
It will have the word JTAG only if your module has a JTAG on it.

Thanks, it has a -C suffix so confirmed that.

Do you know of any document or webpage that details the differences between the versions, and what each one supports out-of-the-box?

I know there is the document below on the product page that details the NETOS in more detail but it doesn’t distinguish between the releases. , Once you get a version of Netos you can use the package manager to upgrade to the current revision. You will be able to read through the release notes where it details the upgrade and fixes.