Some questions before starting the development


I’m planning to buy a Connect-ME or Connect-EM development kit but before diving into this new adventure, I need to know something:

Does Digi provide the sources of the ComPort redirector with the development kit? I’d like to make my own application but I’ll need in the future to use the redirector capabilities too. If not, any suggestion other than coding my own comport redirector?

What are the benefits of working with uCLinux instead of NET-OS? I’ve heard that uCLinux needs 1.5 Mb of flash while NET-Os just needs 300 Kb. For my application (home automation web server / controller)I don’t need true real-time capabilities. i just need a multi-client web server, 2 serial ports and UDP communication.

What is the standar procedure when developing applications for the Connect-ME/EM? I guess I need to develope on the development board with a Connect-ME/EM with JTAG interface and only use modules without JTAG once the code is stable. Is this true?

Any other thing that I should take into account before purchasing my kit?

Thank you very much,