DigiConnect ME programming

I need to program the DigiConnect ME for my requirements…
What i assume is that the chip contains code to get serial port info and transmit to the Ethernet port and vice versa.
I want to introduce some code to customize the serial port information and then transmit it to the Ethernet port.

  1. So probably for this i will require the source code of the firmware that is currently executing. Will i get access to this code?
  2. Also, what is the tools that i would require to program the Digi Connect ME chip?


Get the ME Dev Kit.

As Erik says, get the dev kit. You do not get the sources for the plug and play firmware though, you must develop your own code. Some examples are provided on how to make socket connections, read/write to the serial port, etc. If you’re familiar with C#, you may also be interested in trying the .NET MF dev kit.

The Dev Kit gives you a UNIXish library for programming. You can do some pretty complex stuff on the ME - the core is very nice. NetOS has a few issues, but you can get around that.

Have fun!

Thanks Eric and Charlie for your response.

  1. When you are referring to Dev Kit isnt this the “Digi Jump Start Kit”?
  2. I am not familiar with C#, but have worked on C and C++, so i guess the best thing for me is to go for the Development kit…
  3. In this case, i assume that the JTAG will be used for programming and debugging … Does the dev kit come along with the JTAG support?
  1. Yes
  2. Yes, the JSK’s come with a Digi Branded Segger JTAG Link