Which development kit do I need?

I have 6.0 and 6.3, but neither one seems to support the Connect Wi-ME -S.

Which development kit do I need?

Other than the Connect ME Digi’s Development kit does not support the -S Connect modules.

The -S modules are intended for use with our Integration kit.

You need to get yourself a DC-WME-01T-C module.


Ok, this is absolutely insane. I never had any difficulty in the past with the old DigiConnect ME modules with the wired ethernet and bootstrap that would allow you to recover through commands on the serial interface.

Now I can’t use the -S modules because we want to go wireless and the -C modules are horrendously dangerous to use. I just put a -C module on our board today. I I was able to access the default ftp app in the module. I attempted to download the naftpapp example program to the module and nothing. I left the module be for 30 minutes and the ftp never completed. After that time I tried restarting the module and now it is completely dead to the world.

The module is now dead and mounted to my board. What do I do? How do I prevent this from happening again? I’m afraid to try another module because these modules aren’t cheap if I’m going to keep ruining them, I’ll just find another way to do this project.

1.) Observe a moment of silence for the dear departed ME module. Then contct Digi about an RMA.
2.) Don’t play with JTAGless modules until you are certain that you application runs. Make certain that you disable the second serial (often used on a JTAGed module for debugging purposes) there is no second serial port on a JTAGless ME.
3.) Modify the provided boot loader so as to provide yourself with some mechanism for recovery (you can provide functionality similar to that which is provided by Digi’s -S modules). Someone in the Digi support team had previously posted a message regarding some boot laoder examples being available upon request.
4.) Make certain that your boot loader provides you with some mechanism for performing a recovery, even when the stored application image is not corrupted.



I have already responded to the e-mail you sent directly to support. I will respond here for the masses.

Here is an archive containing three boot loader modifications that I have created over the past couple of years. I provide them as-is for use as you the person downloading them see fit.

Each example has its own readme file describing its purpose and usage.


Nu Horizons sells a few different things and I’m not sure what we need. We already have a developer’s kit for the wired Connect ME modules. Is it possible to buy a JTAG wireless ME module and use it with the existing developer’s kit that we already have or do we need a completely new developer’s kit. We have the GNU development software version 6.3.

What are the differences between these part numbers:


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All you should need is a Wi-ME module with JTAG. The part number is DC-WME-01T-JT.

The same board, cableing, Raven, etc. that you are currently using with the ME will work with the Wi-ME.


I appreciate the quick response. Might I recommend making one of the failsafe bootloaders the default? I’ve been involved in developing embedded systems since 1986 and I must say these modules are by far the easiest to goof up. We do like them because of their full integration of the wireless networking, but boy are these easy to render useless.