My connect wi-me is dead

Hello, I am start with connect-WI-ME device with jtag connector.
I have a raven device ICE and the dev-kit board.
I have try to put a bin file in my wi-me and now , it’s dead !

I have trying to run with the gdbtk the prog naftpapp for have a ram based ftp server, but nothing work.
I 'm lost and I need some help for restart my connect-wi-me

The process for run the ftp server and put rom.bin and after put my-applic.bin is not very clear for me.

I have a lot of experience in embedded dev and C dev, but I a begginner with Digi device …

Thank a lot for any help

Hello rlev,

It should be fairly straight and easy to restore contents if you have a JTAG connection to your ME. Just open the GNU_Tools_Programmer_Guide.pdf (or you can download it from the links at and at the end the document in the section “Troubleshooting” there is a chapter “Restoring the contents of flash ROM” (page 101 in my case). Just follow the steps and you should be OK.



Shame on me !
I have make an error in my shell !
PLATEFORM is not equal to PLATFORM

My wime run now, and Ihave to pay coffee for one day :-))