Digi Wi-Me JTAG

Hi, I’ve a problem whit this device.
When launch a debug with a Digi ESP program, the device not received an IP and isn’t connected. With serial console a try to change the parms but nothing. The parms I think are correct…
I try with “FTP Server File Sistem Sample” but nothing.

This is report of serial:
NET+OS Version 7.1
Copyright (c) 1997-2007, Digi International, Inc.

PLATFORM: connectwime_esp

Wireless IP address is
Wireless subnet mask is
Wireless IP address of default gateway to other networks is
Wireless protocol mode is for peer-to-peer (ad hoc) networks only)
Wireless SSID is Connect
Wireless channel is 13
Wireless transmit rate is 11
Wireless transmit power is 15dbm
Wireless multi domain capability (802.11d) disabled
Authentication type = Open System
Serial channels will use a baud rate of 9600
This board’s serial number is N99999999
This board’s Wireless MAC Address is 00:40:9D:2E:C9:A8
After board is reset, start-up code will wait 5 seconds

Press any key in 5 seconds to change these settings.

The device doesn’t start


I haven’t used the WIME but from basic WIFI I say take a look at your channel and protocol.

Are you trying to be a server or a client?

I find a solution… I’ve a NET+OS File Corrupted.


I thanks… I try but nothing… I think the problem is due to the fact that, using Java, I tried changing the WEP key but I probably have the wrong code. I thought that, with the JTAG as the FLASH is erased, there are not a problem… but my Digi don’t connected…