Unable to access local WiFi network


Digi ESP for NET+OS 7.3 under Win 7 using DIgi Connnect Wi-ME 9210.


I have installed the above on my PC with no problems (i.e. the Eclipse IDE runs and I can build software, the J-Link GDB Server V3.74j is green and I can DL the compiled code to the JTAG link).

When I press the resume icon the code hits the breakpoint at line 87 of root.c, as expected. However I cannot resume afterwards.

The left LED window on the module is not lit, indicating (no pun intended :slight_smile: ) that I have no WIFi connection!
The Eclipse IDE serial console only shows the serial connections.

WiFi settings are as follows:

proto=WPA RSN
pairwise=CCMP TKIP

Other devices in the office are on the rdtest network.

Some of these values and/or fields are not present in Project->Properties->NET+OS->Network Settings->Wireless Network tab.


  1. Is my installation too old (i.e. 2007) for these WiFi settings? If yes, then what version should I use?

  2. Is there another explaination for this behaviour that is a non-WiFi cause?

Thanks in advance.

I’ll answer the second question first. The latest NET+OS version is V7.5.

That said, have you tried the following:

Using a Digi development board and having a terminal emulator (hyperterm for example) connected to the serial console port on the wime9210, set the wifi parameters from the serial console (that is allowing the BSP to establish the wifi parameters). Is the board able to associate with your AP using such a method. When having wifi issues, this method is generally a good place to begin.

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Thanks dakotas_dad.

Using TeraTerm via COM1 connects the Digi Wi-ME9210 to the test WiFi network in the office (i.e. the left yellow LED on the module is on all the time).

So why can I not get this result via the Digi IDE?

Would it have something to do with the serial ports on the dev board?

Originally I connected the Digi IDE via the primary serial port1 to COM1 on my PC, completely ignoring the other port.

After reading the hardware manual, it refers to the 2nd port as the port to use only with the Digi Connect ME 9210 and the JTAG interface for debugging purposes.

“So why can I not get this result via the Digi IDE?”
Do you have a terminal created within ESP? Is it connected? Is the baord rate, stop bits, parity et al (all that serial jazz) correct for the way that the wi-me9210’s serial port is set up? I believe default is 9600, 8-bit, 1 stop bit, no parity bit. I know when all of the ducks are aligned that it works. But I am glad you got to a good state using tera-term.

I believe that the issue is that the Connect WiME-9210 is only supported by NET-OS 7.5 and above. In fact I am 99% sure of it.

The connectwi-me9210 was added for NET+OS 7.3.

When we moved from the WiMe to the WiMe-9210 we were told by Digi that it was not supported prior to 7.5 as it uses the redpine wireless chip solution. We migrated from 7.4 to 7.5 to support this. While it may show up in the list of devices, I would confirm this with Digi. This is a relatively new product and we have been working closely with Digi on our development. Perhaps I have been misinformed… would not be the first time.

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Brooks is correct. We were looking at a table to versions of NET+OS cross referenced by hardware platform but my eyes skipped a line or two . The connectwi-me9210 was NOT supported until NET+OS V7.5. Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks goes out to bdorroh and dakotas_dad for their knowledge share. As always with work this task has been put on hold for now but I will make sure to upgrade the IDE .