Help on my Wifi application

I am a newbie to Digi as well as Netsilicon NS7520 processor.
I have the Digi Wime Deveopment kit with the JTAG debugger. For my application I want to get data from the serial port, store it on the Digi module Flash and when the module is in range of the Wifi network, I want to transfer data from the Digi memory over the wifi network to my computer. Note I have a device which provides continuous data through the serial port.

Please let me know if anyone else has implemented a similar application. What steps do I need to go in? Any inputs appreciated!

any help on this?

This type of application can be definitely be done
with any of the wireless modules of Digi.

There are many examples in the DevKit that should
help you on creating your serial side as well as
your TCP or UDP side

The HW that I would chose is: WiME or WiEM

The NS7520 DevBoard does not have the wireless
capabilities built it, so it will require a
specific HW design for that.


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