some help here please

Hi, i have a Wi-EM integration kit.

By the way, i would like to ask if the Digi integration kit comes with programming abilities compared to the development kit ?

My aim is to integrate the Wi-EM with some sensors.
The sensors pick up the readings(temp,pressure,etc…) and then the readings can be posted on the some website.

Is there any wireless sensors that i can integrate with the Digi Wi-EM to work ?
or i can only used serial ports for the sensors only?
If there is any sensors of the 2 kinds, would anyone mind to recommend it to me ?

The only sensors that I know that have been used in some demo of the ConnectME/WiME are the ones based on the
1-wire interface.

Also, in this way you use the real features of the WiME
by reading the data from the sensor and sending it via
the wifi radio to another network.


You can try to use this: DS9097U-S09 Dallas Semi/Maxim