Digi Connect Wi-EM-S - first steps

hi! all,
I need help please for configure it.
I don’t have integration kit board or development board.

I would like to configure it, but any software can’t find it.
The things I’ve done are:

I’ve connected 3,3V to the pin number 1.
I’ve connected GND to the pin number 2.
I’ve connected RX & TX to the pins number 3&4.
I’ve connected RX & TX to the pins number 11&12.

The top right led is blinking slowly, does it mean that device is in ad-hoc mode. What is the default SSID and default channel? I not see any device via WiFi.

I have 802.11b/g Wireless LAN USB in my PC.

Then I’m running Digi software (Digi device setup wizard) for looking my device, but any device is not found.

Then, I have questions:
Is it possible to configure Digi WiEM-S by wireless card, or should I use serial port connected to my device?
I need purchase the integration kit board?

Thanks in advance.

Please refer to the Digi Connect User’s Guide, provided with the Digi Connect Integration Kit or available online at the following URL: