Configuring with RCI

I would like to configure Digi Connect Wi-ME (I dont have the integration kit) via RCI over serial to get data from a serial line and transmit it to a web server. Could some one please point me to the detailed documentation on RCI interface.

Thankyou in advance

When you say that you do not have the integration kit, do you mean to say your did not purchase (or no longer possess) a complete integration kit or do you have our NET+OS Development kit?

The RCI (Rremote Command Interface) is pertinent ONLY to the Digi Connect Integration Kit.

The RCI Specification can be obtained from the following URL:


Thank you for replying.

In the section 3.1.2 of the RCI Specification(in previous reply) its mentioned
“RCI requests can be sent over the serial port. This is useful in scenarios where a master processor is connected to the Digi Device through a serial port.”

In our application we have microcontroller as a master processor and digi comm Wi-ME as a digi device. Please point us to documents about how to configure the digi device by the serial line and send data to a server by Wi-Fi. can we use the RCI over serial or …

we greatly apperciate your help in this regard

Please refer to the Digi Connect User’s Guide, provided with the Digi Connect Integration Kit or available online at the following URL:


Dear Cameron,

I would like to know if it is possible to just configure via serial port and Transmit data without the complete integration kit or NET+OS Development kit? (I have not purchased one). I greatly apperciate yours hints and suggestions.

Thank you in advance.

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