Digi Connect Wi-ME RCI interface


I have a Digi Connect Wi-ME working perfectly over raw TCP/IP. However I cannot get the RCI over serial working.

I have RCI over serial working on the Digi Connect ME. I replaced the module with a Wi-ME version and was expecting the RCI over serial to work as well as for the Digi Connect Me version. I did enable the RCI using the web interface for the Wi-ME but still RCI not working for Wi-ME.

So the question is, can someone confirm that RCI over serial on the Wi-ME does work? I have the latest firmware.


Yes I can confirm that RCI works over serial for both ME and Wi-ME,i just fiddled with factory defaults and configurations until it seemd to start working without exacly a clear reason.

Anyhow, i immediatly saved the configuration to file so i can configure the rest as well or recover if things go astray.

I am very happy to say that the RCI documentation seems to be up to date for both ME and Wi-ME




it would be very nice if you could provide these settings/configuration file to the community. I have the same problems getting RCI over serial running.