Digi Connect ME configuration via serial interface

Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to configure Baud Rate, Data Bits and IP address etc via the serial port? I.E. from the embedded device side not the ethernet side


Yes, it certain is possible.

With the Development you would have to implement some method yourself, but I assume that you are asking in regards to the Integration kit.

Running version B (version C disabled this), of Digi’s ME firmware, you can access a ‘RCI over Serial’ feature, whereas XML-formatted text can be sent to and recieved over the serial port. To access this mode you need to short pin 18, of the ME, to ground during module bootup. With a terminal program connected, 9600 8N1 no flow, you should see the text . It is at this point you can transmit you RCI configuration request to the ME and affect your desired changes.

I have a document detailing this procedure, as well as a few simple examples. Later today I can post this document to the forum. Feel free to send an e-mail request to support.wizards@digi.com I will respnd back with a copy of it.