Drop in networking. Configuring via serial port by microprocessor query

To anyone

I have a project where a microcontroller communicates with a Digi Connect ME module via the serial interface.

I gather from the documentation that it is possible to configure the Digi device via the serial port using RCI mode.

As the current design does not have the dedicated RCI command pin (DSR I think), it makes use of a software workaround involving modem emulation mode, AT commands and loopback dialing to send configuration commands.

All these methods require that you first manually configure the Digi module via the web interface before you can start serial communications/enable RCI mode.

Is there any possible way that the Digi device can be just a drop-in networking device where I can leave the device configuration to the system Master microntroller (IP address etc.) without any external User management/configuration.

For comparison purposes and an example, another product configuration via serial AT commands.

With Thanks

Does anyone have any suggestions?

With thanks

Just a rerequest for information about how to allow the setup of a Digi Module using a microcontroller without the interventation of the User.