Enable RCI via serial port on Digi Connect ME


Does anyone know if there is a way to enable the RCI interface on a new off-the-shelf Digi Connect ME module using only the serial interface (i.e. not using the network side).

Once in RCI mode I can configure everything using XML without any problems, but there seems to be no way to enable RCI in the first place without the network.

I appreciate this is a catch 22 problem, but was hoping someone may have a suggestion or know a workaround.


It’s not possible today to do it. However, in the future Digi will be shipping modules with a seperate part number that have the CLI enabled on the serial interface so that you can configure it through the serial port. You’ll want to speak with your Digi Sales Representative for details.

Thanks, I’ll do that.

Oh joy, yet another part number to get confused by. I really wish Digi would develop one module that can be freely configured with -C or -S code, and not locked into one or the other.

According to our supplier ( 2001 in the UK ) there is no prospect of a new part with this feature in the foreseeable future.
Is this correct?