IP Programmable

Dear All,

I have using Digi Connect ME many years. But i have facing one problem quite long time a go but now facing the same problem again.

I would like to know is it possible to change the IP address using UART? We need to automatically configurable using our own system. Is it possible to do that?

Thank you…

The same tx and rx pins are used for both data and configuration. You set your dtr pin to control which it is.

I use Digi Connect ME - DC-ME-01T-S

You must use telnet not hyperterminal. First find out the current IP address of your module either from your DHCP server or use the dgdiscvr.exe utility. Then from a windows command prompt, run a telnet session, for example:


Log in and then use the command I gave before. You will then be able to configure the module from the uart. You will need to study the documentation about how to use XML for the configuration.

…is it possible to change the IP address using UART?

Yes and No!

Yes is is possible to do, but not on a new or factory reset module.
You have to log in on the network side using telnet in order to enable RCI serial.
command is:
set rciserial state=on

I think you can also activate it through the web interface, but I find the telnet method quicker and easier.

Once done, you can then use RCI mode at any time by activating the DTR pin (i think?) where you have access to all of the module’s settings. Unfortunately, the command language is XML, so if you are using a small microprocessor, the task is not trivial.

Hello Nebulous,

Thanks for your reply.

Actually i would like to use UART pin-7 and pin-8 to send the command just to configure the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway.

May i know which model module do you meant? Do you meant old model can use UART to configure? Which model is it?

Please can you guide me what are the step to enable RCI serial and configure it? What was i did is…

  1. Connect the Digi to pc-lan port
  2. Open Hyperterminal send command…
  3. set rciserial state=on
  4. no any reply from Digi??
  5. How can i check the Digi is in RCI mode?
  6. My DSR still not activating yet. (always 3.3V even sent “set rciserial state=off” command)
  7. after enable the RCI, how to send the XML command?

Thanks for your help…

Hello Priyamani,

Do you know how to configure the IP with using UART?

Yeah,…finally i can Log in and sent the command that you gave in command prompt.

How can we know RCI is enable? I don’t received any feedback massage from the command.

Please can you give some example how to configure the Digi from the uart and where can get the XML document? I can find this document in Digi website.


I still don’t know how to start the basic XML… [:(]

[b]Here is an example of an RCI request and reply that queries a device for its “system” configuration:


Above is the XML code? Is it i need to send code from UART side?