Setting IP Address through Serial Port (with Hyperterminal)

I can communicate with the Digi ME through the serial port, but when I set the IP address, it keeps the old one and the new one stays in “Stored Configuration”. How can I refresh the IP address that is stored?



Have you solved the problem?

i have the same problem. i change the ip settings over serial with:

It is stored and also taken over!

Answer of test request:


But if i pinging the device i don’t get an answer. Also the descovery tool don’t find the device with new ip.
I tried also to do a HW reset but nothing.
Today morning when i new started up the pc the descovery tool found the device with new ip!?

static on
dhcp off
autoip off
than it works fine

Can you hel me find documentation for digi connect me serial configuration? RCI? I am failing to find that piece.

Jan Kraus