Configure IP Address on Digi One IAP

Is there a way to configure the Digi One IAP IP Address through the Ethernet Port? I can’t seem to find any instructions on how to accomplish this. I am trying to configure the module before deploying it in the field. I do not have a serial to USB cable to connect to the Digi One. Is that the only way to see the module in Digi Device Discovery?

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There are few different ways to assign IP address via Ethernet port

  1. By default, Digi One IAP is a DHCP client. Reset device to the factory defaults and place it on the DHCP network
  2. Reset device to the factory defaults. Make sure PC has a static IP assigned to it, firewall and anti virus disabled(great majority of the problem is related to this) and run Digi device discovery tool
  3. Use reverse arp
    from the command line
    arp -s 00-40-94-12-34-56
    Please use actual IP address and MAC address

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