IP Address Issue

Is there a factory default IP address for the DIGI One IA?
How does on configure the IP address?
I am unable o connect to the device at the serial port bus adapter level. not sure why.

The factory default IP address of the Digi One IA is, and by default the serial port of the Digi One IA does not generate a login prompt. You must put the device on the LAN, a hub, or an ethernet crossover to the NIC of your PC and use the Setup Wizard, Device Discovery utility, DHCP, or Ping-ARP to assign it an IP. There is additional information about how to configure the Digi One IA in the user manual here: http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/92000326_D.pdf starting on page 11.

The Digi One IA factory fresh won’t allow serial login (It is not like most Digi products).

Try the document Jen offered above.

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I just plugged the unit and my CPU into my network switch, ran discovery and change the the unit IP to static. It took about three minutes. Sad to say this is my first experience with an I/O adaptor having mandatory DHCP.

Per my answer, I just cabled into a network switch and ran the discovery software, after the network switch allocated an address I was able to change the ID.

It’s a good topic. An IP address conflict happens when two or more devices in a network have the same IP address. This results in one or both of the devices not being able to communicate with the wireless network.