Resetting to default factory when the Wi-Me is injoinable

Hi everyone, sorry for my english, i’m french

We have a problem with a Wi-Me.
By trying to connect it to our private Wifi network (protected by a Web Key), we’ve got a problem

I put a new IP, netmask, SSID, WEP key…
I reboot the Wi-Me and now… it’s impossible to see it… (Ping, Web Interface, Digi discovery… nothing work !!!)

I’m sure it doesn’t have the IP adress i entered, it also don’t have the past Ip adress…
I think, it simply don’t have any Ip adress… bug ???

So, i thought “reset it to the factory default !”
But, how i can reset it to the factory default if i can’t communicate with it ???

I tryed the button on the right, but it simply reboot it…

… HELP please …

On the Digi development board connect the /INIT pin to ground (pin20 /INIT to pin18 GND) for 10seconds during boot and release it. You will come up with default SSID=Connect and trying to connect to an “Open” unencrypted AccessPoint.

see section “resetting the unit”