Messed up Wi-ME


I am quite new to all the lan/wlan issues right here.
So, here comes my problem:

I played a bit with the Wi-ME module and anyhow I changed the settings inside, so I was not able to access it anymore. Fortunately I found some useful hint here in the forum so I used the resetting procedure for the PIN12/Reset button.

Unfortunately, it looks like I did something wrong because the led will not start to show the expected states after the procedure.
The Wi-ME module is a standard one without JTAG. I checked the integration board with a standard Connect ME module and the board is ok.

So the question now is whether there can be something done for the Wi-ME or am I lost.

I appreciate every kind of comment to my subject!

Thank you very much, greetings


Did you change the IP/MASK/GATEWAY or any of the Internet properties, or you changed/uploaded the firmware? If it is the second, you are best to return it to Digi for replacement.
If is the network setting you can change them via the serial port when the device boots, or you can try as per,1737#6248

Hope it helps.

You’re right. First I changed something to the settings of the IP/Gateway. This led me into the situation of no longer being able to connect to the Wi-ME module.
After some search I found the way of how to reset the module to the factory settings(via the way mentioned above).

Unfortunately after the booting sequence no lights at the Wi-ME module are flashing(neither green nor the red/orange one).
So it appears to me that I messed the module during the restoring sequence. I do not know how I could have messed it up but it looks like.

For the moment I am looking for a way to get the module running again by using the serial interface of the module.
Is it possible to do so?

Please give a short hint what I should do right now.

Thank you very much,