Any Digi Connect Wi-ME (-S) recovery methods?

I have some bricked Plug N’ Play (-S) Digi Connect Wi-ME modules blinking 8-1-1 with yellow led immediately after power up.

Is there any recovery methods for Plug N’ Play Wi-ME, like the pin18 boot menu in Plug N’ Play ME?

The pin18 method has been very successful in recovering corrupted blinking MEs, so I would like to try recovering these Wi-MEs, too.

Hello, you should try the method outlined in this link:

Hope this works.

Thanks for that link. The method described in the document is actually “grounding the pin 18” for the Diagnostics Test menu, which I have already tried without success. :frowning:

But the document confirms that Wi-ME should have some kind of Diagnostics Test menu, too. (I was not sure if it is an ME-only feature.)