Wi-ME 8-1-1 error code

I have a Connect Wi-ME that is blinking an 8-1-1 error code on the amber LED. The error code starts blinking immediately after receiving power, so it appears to be occuring during execution of the bootloader. The BSP POST Digi Connect WiME in the Dig API reference does not document this error code. I have also examined blmain.c but have failed to locate the source of this error code.

I believe this Wi-ME is a type -C module. However, the type -C label can be peeled off and underneath it’s labeled as a type -S. I have other Wi-MEs with the type -C stick-on-labels but they all work correctly.

Does anyone have an explanation for the 8-1-1 error code? Is this error code somehow related to type -S modules?

8-1-1 isn’t a code I’m familiar with, but 9-1-1 is. Basically it means the POST (for a -S module) detects the firmware image is missing. You can verify the unit’s been loaded with plug and play firmware by shorting pin 18 on the 20 pin header to ground and watching the serial output at 9600 baud (i.e. it should look like this: http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl.jsp?id=804).

If you have a -S instead of a -C module, contact tech support via the portal (http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/login.jsp?p=true) and let them know what’s going on as well as give them the units MAC address.