Wrong Firmware on Connect ME 9210


I uploaded the wrong firmware on my Digi Connect ME 9210.
Now the digi doesent start up. Now i want to recvorer my digi.

I had try diffrent methodes to recover the firmware but nothing works.
for example (http://forums.digi.com/support/forum/viewthread_thread,1236#4704)

PIN18+PIN20 = GND and my Terminal ((Hterm) had br=9600 d=8 s=0 fc=0) is connectet on PC COM1, dev Board COM1

But no diagnostic test stats.

can anyone help me?

my dev board


don’t ground pin 20. Only ground 18. Power off then power up.

I haven’t got the serial repair to work since the original ME days back around 2005. Use the TFTP server.


now tried to ground just pin 18. –>nothing

The TxD LED doesent show any activity…

Like KJensen said, have you powered down and up. The pins (20 as well) are checked at power up.

The Green LED will flash only once as it checks DHCP. If you don’t have DHCP set up to point it at the TFTP server, you will not see any more flashes. There will be the string “TFTP Bootstrap” or something similar that appears on the serial port.