I broke bootloader Connect ME 9210

I broke bootloader at this module. Is it possible to fix it somehow, somebody know some special metodics?
The story: I got module DIGI Connect ME 9210 C. DHCP generated address address for this module, but no one software can get it, and I decide to update firmware. A have working good FTP, and use it to load new firmware. But I made a mistake, I renamed main file 82001607_L.bin to rom.bin and send it. Module accept new file, turns off and newer got back. Now, when I turn it on, green LED doesn’t blinks. I try to short pins 16 18 20 to enter service mode thru the COM port, but has fail. When I turn on the network, orange LED lights up, but wareshark doesn’t see any packets from module.
Please, somebody help me.
Or, if it’s not serviceable, geave me the address to send for repair.

Try this :- http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl?id=843

I just went through recovering a bricked Digi ME. Here is the procedure I created based on some help from Tech Support and borrowing some text from a Digi procedure. This is for a specific product, hence there is a part number reference that can be ignored. Nonetheless, I think it is clear enough to use for virtually anything that is using a Digi Connect ME.

I have already read. . does not work. maybe there are hidden features?

I do have tried this but it could not resolve my problem , so is there any other solution to solve this problem , if yes let me know about it .

You wasted the bootloader component in FLASH. The “how to unbrick a Digi Device” assumes you wasted the image.bin, that is the application. The tiny tftp server can be used to perform some tftp magic and using a working rom.bin can rewrite image.bin. Once you crunch rom.bin there is no way to recover the device unless you have a JTAG debugger (for example jlink). This would allow you to rewrite both the rom.bin and the image.bin. IF this is a “production” device without a JTAG port, then this is not an option.