How can I re-flash the original bootloader for Connect Me 9210 via Jtag?

Hello together,

I have a Connect Me 9210 Module with Jtag and a Segger JLink Plus Jtag Debugger.

I have played a little bit with a customized bootloader and unfortunately the FTP upload code does not work anymore.

I’ve tried to rewrite the customized bootloader but still the FTP does not work anymore. From what I’ve red on the internet I need to flash the original U-boot bootloader which unfortunately I cannot find nowhere.

  1. Do you have a download link for this bootloader?
  2. Should I start writing the .bin from address 0?

PS: I’ve tried to erase the memory and upload the customized bootloader but after successfully uploading it, the module is not working normally (the Green Led from the Ethernet Port is not flashing and it’s always on and Yellow one gets off as soon as the cable is disconnected).

PS2: The same bootloader was written over and over in the past and it was working.

I assume you are using Digi Embedded Linux. In that case, just create a new U-boot/kernel/rootfs project in DigiESP and compile it. You will get a set of images identical to stock, including U-boot.