Recovering the original UBoot file

I am going to begin with the fact that I am new to the Linux OS and have made a significant problem. I was working on my Digi Connect ME 9210 (without JTAG) 4/8 Linux based embedded system. In the midst of trying to customize the factory shipped U-Boot software, I updated the flash with a new U-Boot. The problem, I failed to make a back up and, I just overwrote the working U-Boot. Now, I do not see any traffic on the serial port; However, I know that the main Kernal is still running due to the fact that I can still ping the Digi embedded product on a secure network system.

I am in need of assistance of reverting my Digi Connect ME 9210 back that one crucial step.

Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

If you can ping the device then it means your kernel is running.
telent into it and use “update_flash” command which will help you to update uboot…

You might have set wrong value for “console” variable