Bricked ConnectCore 9M 2443

I used the “Update Flash” tool in Digi ESP to update the uBoot on my board while Linux was running. Only thing is, after I rebooted the board it wouldn’t boot so it seems I had a bad uBoot image.

I have a Zylin and also an Albatron JTAG debugger so how do I go about reflashing the non-volatile memory with the original bootloader?

I have looked at the documentation on the CD that came with the dev board and it only has one page devoted to explaining what to do to reflash uboot and that page is almost completely useless. Do I need a separate application to make my JTAG debugger reflash the dev board?

OpenOCD only supports the Wi-9c board at present. Are there any plans to submit patches to support the 9M 2443?

Please help!

Thank you,


I contacted Digi support and they provided me with a JTAG J-link debugger script that would allow a new uboot image to be loading over TFTP and subsequently flashed to NAND.

I adapted this script to work with the non-J-Link debugger that I own and the board is now unbricked. :smiley: