DIGI Connect-ME uCLinux recovery

I’m currently using uCLinux on a Connect-ME and I’m
wondering about a few points :

  1. is the Flash boot sector still protected or not?

  2. the dignostic mode is no longer present, so how do
    I recover, on a device without JTAG, in case things
    get mixed-up?


Where did you get the uClinux for the Connect ME?


I would also be grateful if there is any kind of guide, how to set this up? I tried to fiddle around with this last summer, but didn’t got it running (maybe because of the digi’s locked bootloader in the earlier models?)

The images are (probably?) from armadillo project?

How should one transfer it to the device (hermit loader?) and does it boot as it is, or do we need a somekind of a boot loader?

Thanks if you have time to answer.


I’m using a comercial uCLinux distribution from FS FORTH.

But first you need one of the new modules (CF/W) with a modified boot loader that accepts to flash non-NetOS images.

The modules shipped from the factory contain the bootloader and a NetOS FTP server that allow you to send an image (image.bin) to be flashed.

Beware of the endianness of the images you flash because NetOS runs the ARM in big endian mode whereas Linux runs in little endian mode. Therefore the images you use to flash are not the same depending on whether you’re running NetOS or uCLinux.

Hope this helps.