resetting connect me -s network settings to factory default

A customer changed the network settings in the field. Now he cannot find his connect ME -S anymore. He sent it back. How do I reset the network configuration setting?

Reset with ME on dev board. Jumper pins 2 & 3 on P6 or P12 headers

Thank you for you comment. As mentioned, the board is soldered to a board that was sold to a customer. I have lost several boards trying to unsolder them. I am assuming the Dige has been set with a static IP. I need to get it to reset to DHCP so that my router can assign it an IP and I can get into it. A Digi development board is not an option.

  1. if you see pins of the module you should still be able to connect pin 20 to GND while applying the power. Wait 30 sec then you can disconnect the short and the module should reset to defaults. You can also solder a wire between pin 20 and GND. then cut it after module boots.
  2. Download Digi Device discovery utility appropriate for your version of windows from here:
    Make sure your module and your PC are connected to the same switch or hub. See if your PC finds the module. You should now see it’s IP. You can try using utility to change IP settings, or you can change your PC’s IP to match those of the module, connect via web interface and reconfigure.
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Thank you for the update. The power on sequence was what I was missing. The documentation says nothing about cycling power while pulling pin 20 to ground.

Regarding the Digi Discovery Tool. It does not work. My routers sees the mac address and gave me the IP address that I could use.
I can also use the command arp -a and get a listing of device on my sub-net that shows the digi, put the digi software does not work.

are you all set now? If so please select the answer that helped.